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The journey of an entrepreneur is filled with challenges that involve sacrificing time and bringing out patience and hard work. But entrepreneurship, like everything else in life, gets rewarded too in time, sometimes even more than we originally anticipated. As the Irish say “There’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”. Things that are worth it don’t come easy. So what’s so good in becoming an entrepreneur?

You can harness time and space by being a Boss.

The job you have to do is not a job for someone else but your own. It gives you this sense of pride that the hard work you have given will all be credited to you. You now have the freedom to work anywhere you please, not just in some desk that requires you to stay there for 7-9 hours.

Your Creativity is sharpen daily.

If your business is online, there are great advantages that are just too good to be passed on. You don’t have to worry about large rent, too many staff in your payroll and cost of outside meetings, cause you can practically meet clients Online. Mobility and Connectivity if mastered, will open a global market even to the Micro and Small business owners.

Starting small and minimal are "Jedi" tricks.

An entrepreneur’s life is always filled with new learnings because you are not just confined to one job. You handle every aspect of the business; learn from each and every one of them. You will never have the problem of feeling lack of progress. New discoveries will ALWAYS await you in handling a business.

Go Local and Grow Global.

According to statista.com, e-commerce data state that 40% of WORLDWIDE internet users have bought products online via desktop, mobile, or other online devices. Amounting to more than 1 BILLION online buyers and is projected to continuously grow. And based on the 2012 data of ASEAN up, the combined population of ASEAN creates the world’s third largest market with more than 600M people. The market and network in the entrepreneurial world is limitless.

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