Entrepreneurs need tools to run a business. Tools that are essential to make enterprises become more efficient, more productive and more successful. In this age of the digital entrepreneurs, anyone with a computer, an internet connection, a great idea and a lot of drive can start their own company and become a success.

However, some business owners forget this one important tool-business inspiration that comes from a community. There is always a community of business owners already established and full of knowledge, or start-up community of entrepreneurs having the same niche or industry as yours or maybe not. There is a community where like-minded individuals connect, and often become your friends, your partners, your emotional support and your inspiration.

The Association of Entrepreneurs and Online Sellers (AEOS) is simply described as a community of business enthusiasts who has this common goal of creating a connection, bring about inspiration and create a sense of purpose for others. AEOS is program of SocialConz Digital together with a group of entrepreneurs and online sellers, conducting monthly Meet-Up.

Meet-up Program

Our Vision

To make the Philippines an entrepreneurial nation.

Our Mission

  1. To encourage online sellers or digital marketers to share their best practices and join Startups.
  2. To inspire entrepreneurs to grow their business and collaborate.
  3. To share the advocacy that entrepreneurship is the key to sustainability.

Our Goal for Members

Connected Community